Welcome to Kitecenter at Banana Bay


The Kitecenter at Banana Bay is located at the Bulabog Beach on Boracay (Phillipines), Asia's top kite destination. There is a tradewind from November till end of April almost every day, ranging from 15 to 25 knots. On some big days, it's nuking with more than 30+ knots.

The warm and shallow water makes this spot perfect for learning Kiteboarding and for the advanced riders it's perfect to practice new tricks.

We offering kitelessons for beginners and advanced riders and you can rent recent Cabrinha Kiteboarding Gear. For a small fee, you also can use storage, compressor and our Kite Caddy's will give you a hand for launch and land your kite.

Looking for Cabrinha gear? You can now pre-order the latest gear through our shop! For special rates and deals, or to inquire about available second-hand gear, please contact us.

The accompanying restaurant "Monkey Tree" serves cold drinks and good food from dusk till dawn. Just to make shure you can enjoy a ice cold san miguel beer for sunset.

      See you soon!
                 - Tony