Our Instructors are IKO or VDWS certified and bring you on the board in a funny and safe way - from zero to hero in only 3 days!!. For the lessons we only use recent gear from Flysurfer Kiteboarding. We're teaching just in front from our kiteschool in shallow water. You only have to bring your boardshorts and sun protection, everything else like helmets, shoes and kitegear we provide for you. For faster progress, we're teaching max. 2 students in one group.

Discovery Course
Duration, cost: 2h (1,5h if private); 3300 PHP

This is a good introduction for the person who wants to find out if kiteboarding is suitable for him or not. You will learn the basics of kite-control and the safety features. If you decide to continue to the next level, then we don’t charge you for the discovery course.

1 Day Course
Duration, cost: 4h (3h if private); 7000 PHP

- Explanation wind window, strength of wind and potential hazards.
- Flying with a small 2/4 line kite.
- Setup 4/5 line kite, explanation of control- and safety system.
- 4/5 line kite position flying, one handed kitecontrol
- Water relaunching, self rescue, landing and launching

2 Days Course
Duration, cost: 8h (6h if private); 14000 PHP

- Piloting 4/5 line kite in the water
- Bodydragging downwind, kite flown 2 o’clock – 10 o’clock
- Bodydragging downwind, left, right with sinus curves
- Bodydragging upwind, left and right
- Practising the power stroke for the waterstart

3 Days Full Course
Duration, cost: 12h (9h if private); 21000 PHP

- Theory, simulate waterstart on land
- Handling of kite and board in the water,  walking upwind
- Upwind bodydragging with board
- Exercise steps of the waterstart
- Kitecontrol and board, bodyposition
- Right of way, feedback, coaching, control speed and balance

Additional Day
Duration, cost: 4h (3h if private); 7000 PHP 

  • Waterstart
  • Edging
  • Change direction

Private lesson
Duration, cost: 1h; 3000 PHP inkl. gear / 2500 PHP own gear

  • Going Upwind
  • Jumping
  • Personal Training

Advanced Course
Duration, cost: 4h; 10000 PHP inkl. gear / 8000 PHP own gear

  • Going Upwind
  • Jumping
  • Personal Training