Gear rental:

You can rent the latest kitegear from North Kiteboarding. We also provide harness, shoes, impact vests and helmets.


gear half day (3h) full day (6h) 5 days
kite inkl. bar 2.200 PHP 3.200 PHP 12.000 PHP
board 1.600 PHP 2.200 PHP 8.000 PHP
harness 400 PHP 600 PHP 2.400 PHP
shoes 200 PHP 300 PHP 1.300 PHP
complette 3.000 PHP 4.800 PHP 19.000 PHP


If you don't like to carry your gear to the beach, you can store all your gear in our kitestation.

You have even more advantages:

  • safe storage over night
  • use the compressor to pump up your kite
  • the kitecaddy assist you launch and land your kite
  • shower
  • clean and maintain your gear
For storage we charge you 350 PHP/day, 1800 PHP/week or 6000 PHP/month.