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You are at the center of our efforts! Enjoy individual lessons, multilingual instructors and the latest gear to help you progress fast and become an independet rider in no time.

About Us

High Quality & Professional Kite School

You learn in a safe and flexible environment. Our IKO certified instructors make lesson plans according to your individual needs and your holiday plans. This is how you can enjoy your stay, progress fast and celebrate win after win. To that we add the latest gear from Cabrinha and Dakine to let you enjoy the smoothest ride possible.

“No matter if you are a beginner or advanced kiter, you will get the support you need. Great people and atmosphere with the most experienced and skilled staff. I personally learned at this kiteschool years ago and enjoy spending my holidays there every year, just having a perfect time for kitesurfing together with friends!”

Carsten Rothe

What We Offer


From absolute beginner to experienced rider. We offer lessons for all levels to help you improve your skills.

Most popular course: “From Zero to Hero”

Rental Gear & Storage

Whether you want to kite for a couple hours or fix gear for a month worth of fun on the water – we got you covered. Great Cabrinha kites at a fair price are waiting for you.

You travel with your own gear but don’t feel like carrying board and kites around every time you want to go for a session? Come and book your storage with us and enjoy the freedom od spontaneous rides.

Service & Repairs

We have a compressor to pump your kite, fresh water to rinse your gear, a drying area and our caddys are always there to assist you in launching and landing.

Small repairs can be done in-house. For bigger matters we work with repair specialists on the island.

Our Courses

Start Kiteboarding Now!

Discovery Course

Are you ready for a new addiction?

Give kitesurfing a try, feel the power of the wind in your hands and learn the safety features.

Duration: 1,5h (Private) | 2h (Group)

Cost: 4,800 PHP

Beginner Course

Iko Level 1 and Level 2

Learn kite control, bodydragging and get your first meters of riding the board in.

Duration: 6h (Private) | 8h (Group)

Cost: 19,200 PHP

Zero To Hero

Become a certified independent rider!

3 day full course. We go over kite control, safety, bring you on the water and teach you to ride downwind and upwind with confidence.

Duration: 9h (Private) | 12h (Group)

Cost: 28,800 PHP

Advanced Course

It’s time to go to the next level!

Individual lessons to learn first tricks, jumps or simply optimize your kiteboarding.

Duration: 4h (Private)

Cost: 12,800 PHP (incl. gear) 9,600 PHP (own gear)

Why Choose Us

Customized Instructions For Every Student

You learn best and fastest, when your environment is safe and adjusted to your personal needs. Let’s face it – we all learn in different speeds and struggle with different skills. Our certified instructors make sure you get enough training on the skills that need more improvement. So we all make best use of the course time and you can progress safe and confident to the next levels.


Asias Best Kitespot

Constant Wind

The so called ‘Amihan’ is an on-shore tradewind. On average we experience 15 to 25 knots. Going up to more than 30 knots on strong days.

Paradise Lagoon

2km long, turquoise waters, palm trees and white sand. Do we need to say more about our perfect conditions?

Shallow Water

In our big lagoon you are usually able to stand anywhere. This gives extra safety and control. Great for beginners and for learning new tricks.

Flat water

No matter how strong the wind is – the outer reef behind our lagoon succesfully protects us from waves. Enjoy the calm waters and strong wind.

Warm water & sun

Leave your neoprene at home! It’s warm and sunny in Boracay. Boardshorts, Bikini and sunprotection. Thats all you need to bring.

6 Months Season

Our on-shore wind amihan is blowing from november until mid of may.


What People Are Saying

These guys have gone out of their way to make the experience positive in every way. They have a great selection of gear as I started with the more beginner stuff and I’m slowly moving into more Performance. I can’t recommend this place enough! Me and my wife stop in even when we’re not surfing and hang out. Just a fantastic vibe.

Greg Flowitt

Full Course

A huge shoutout to Paolo, my instructor, who was nothing short of amazing. His patience, expertise, and personalized feedback were instrumental in helping me nail the right moves and significantly enhance my kite surfing skills.

Sean C. Koop

Beginner Course

One of the best kite rental experiences I’ve had so far. Great gear, good prices and outstanding services from Reggie, Hazel and the whole team. It’s not just an anonymous kite school but a very warm and personal overall experience. Could not be happier (we rented for 9days)!

Marian Vanfloorop

Rental & Service

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