Our Courses

Start Kiteboarding Now!

Discovery Course

Are you ready for a new addiction?

Give kitesurfing a try, feel the power of the wind in your hands and learn the safety features.

Duration: 1,5h (Private) | 2h (Group)

Cost: 4,800 PHP

Beginner Course

Iko Level 1 and Level 2

Learn kite control, bodydragging and get your first meters of riding the board in.

Duration: 6h (Private) | 8h (Group)

Cost: 19,200 PHP

Zero To Hero

Become a certified independent rider!

3 day full course. We go over kite control, safety, bring you on the water and teach you to ride downwind and upwind with confidence.

Duration: 9h (Private) | 12h (Group)

Cost: 28,800 PHP

Advanced Course

It’s time to go to the next level!

Individual lessons to learn first tricks, jumps or simply optimize your kiteboarding.

Duration: 4h (Private)

Cost: 12,800 PHP (incl. gear) 9,600 PHP (own gear)